Round 1 Dederang Mt Beauty v Saints – Netball Results


Our midgets had a fabulous start to the year after putting some very hard work at training over the last few weeks. They worked well bringing the ball down the court and feeding goalers.  Our defensive pressure was fabulous and the girls stuck to their players really well. We cannot wait to see how they go against Barny this weekend.


So you really can’t expect amazing things to happen in round 1. With girls playing together for the first time, people absent from training etc. I knew all the individual capabilities but what I experienced on Saturday, with those first 7 girls that took the court, blew my mind. I knew I had been spoilt with an absolutely wonderful talented group of girls. But the talent went beyond those first 7, with the capability and depth of my bench. With a scoreless first quarter to the opposition, I knew I could play, experiment and move the girls where I wanted to see them. No-one  disappointed.  From my youngest, Mia Jefferson coming off the bench, to the more experienced players, like Charlotte and Beth. Each and every girl exceeded my expectations. But look out girls, I now know what we are capable of, and i wont accept anything less. Bring on Barny.

Best Players Charlotte, Lily Jones, Asha, Gabi.


The U15’s Saints Girls started of the season with a great win against Dederang Mt Beauty. The girls played a superb  four quarters with plenty left in the engine. Great teamwork and versatility was shown, keep up the fantastic work girls. Well Done.

Awards  went to Kytlee Willis & Shelby Daunt.


Well done girls, first win for season an awesome effort. Everyone demonstrated determination on the day and all girls are focused on strengthening our attacking skills. Best on was Anni Knight, followed by Hannah Gilmore and Jaide Brussen.

C Grade

So with the nerves high going into our 1st game of the season we got off to a shaky start trailing for the first half. Going into the second half we started to settle and by the third quarter we were even. The last quarter the girls gave it their all and showed what they were made of coming out with a win 34 to 31.

Tess Nicholson was best on she just didn’t stop all day continually finding space and feeding the ball into the shooters beautifully.

Amy Baker was a stand out in defence putting pressure on the shooters and making  them work hard for every goal.

Olivia Jefferson had a fantastic game solid in defence and some wonderful intercepts throughout the court.

The girls showed great teamwork and strength.

Looking forward to Barny this weekend.

B Grade

First game nerves were evident in the first quarter allowing DMB to get an early lead.  There were brilliant passages if play and the girls worked hard defensively to keep the score from widening.  In the fourth quarter saints dug deep keeping DMB to only four goals,  and came home strongly with a win.  Wendy was a phenomenal in WD, shutting down space and getting some amazing intercepts. Bridget worked hard in defence,  displaying her speed and strength, making the shooters work hard to get in to the circle. Chloe played a strong game WA,  driving hard,  making strong leads and feeding well.  B grade showed amazing positivity, teamwork and determination throughout the entire game.  Well done!!!

A Grade

Well the girls hit the court a little shaky and it showed in the first quarter. Several girls were not well this week which didn’t help our preparation. Having fresh legs of Jaylah and Kelly coming on in the second quarter steading the court and showing the girls that you can put your body on the line. Defence pressure in the last half was much better and gave us plenty to learn from. Best on Court went to Taylor Morey who just smashed in defence and worked hard all game, Danielle Tymensen stepped up in the last half and showed us want she is made off and her team work was second to none. And thirdly Kelly Noordham  You here her voice talking to the girls all down the court and when she is talking the whole team steps up. Fantastic job girls heads up and lets  work our magic against Barny.