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Round 8 Match Reports

A Massive congratulations to Allison Ross on playing her 50th Game with the Wodonga Saints. This is Allison’s 6th year with Wodonga Saints.

She is a sensational club person - if you need something done, she will be the first to put up her hand.

We have been blessed to have her as both a coach and player!

Thanks Allison for all that you do, and congratulations on 50 games this weekend!!!

The WSFNC to say a big thank you to the Thurgoona Football & Netball Club for allowing our club to utilise their facilities on the weekend for our home game, the kindness and support that all Thurgoona players, members, and supporters showed our club was first class and greatly appreciated.

Looking in from the outside it is easy to see why Thurgoona have been so successful in recent years as their ability to operate as one unit across the board is amazing and that is the level where we should be striving to get our club to on and off the field/court.

Once again, our junior netballers led the way on the day and if these young superstars are any indication of where our club is heading then the future for Wodonga Saints Football & Netball Club looks very bright indeed.

To our committee members, players and supporters that jumped in and filled the gameday roles to make the day a success I thank you greatly as it made the day a pleasure to be involved in and showed just how good our club can be going forward.

Let us all put in the work this week and make sure we are ready to head out to Tallangatta on Saturday to give those hoppers a real challenge and bring home some wins.


A massive congratulations to Allison Ross, on playing her 50th Game with Wodonga Saints this week.

This is Allison’s 6th year with Wodonga Saints.

She is a sensational club person - if you need something done, she will be the first to put up her hand.

We have been blessed to have her as both a coach and player!

Thanks Allison for all that you do, and congratulations on 50 games this weekend!!!


The midgets came up against a much older Thurgoona side and found it hard to put our game in play in a very scrappy game by both sides. Whilst we found it hard to get the ball into our attack end there were some great passages of play. Whilst we aspire to win games, midgets is about learning the foundations of the game and getting our skills right and the girls worked hard on not stepping and defensive three feet.

In tough games it's hard to keep enjoying the game sometimes, but as coach I was so proud of the girls, they NEVER gave up, they kept smiling and every Saints player was involved in the game. This sportsmanship and teamwork displayed by such young girls, is as important as our skills and well done to Saints for this. Awards: Hannah Cartwright for a strong defensive game where the ball just kept coming back down she kept intercepting and rebounding and Tilly Smith who enjoys playing any position and did a fantastic job moving around the ring and creating passing options down the court. Well done girls!

13’s & Under

Thank you so much to Thurgoona to putting on our "home game" for us - much appreciated! The girls took the court, knowing that they had some things to work on. After working diligently this past week, all of them listened and put it all together for another impressive win. The girls were mixed up in their positions a fair bit but they all took it in their stride and did what they needed to do. Our defensive end was strong, shutting down the oppositions drives to goal. The attacking girls communicated well, and they all worked well as a cohesive team. Final score reflected their hard work - 33:9 our way. Best on Court was Piper Van Malsem who was a solid all-rounder, 2nd with an Effies Take Away Voucher was Emily Dudley due to her versatility and great intercepts and 3rd was Molly Gilmore who was awarded the Rock'N'Roll Roast voucher for her listening to direction and continuing improvement on the court.

15’s & Under

The girls lost their first C pass but we’re able to get some turnover ball and quickly ran off with a very convincing 1st qrt. Continuing from there into the 2nd. Mia Jefferson was on fire in GA. Never looked like missing and also won some ball in the mid court. Although Mia only played half a game this week, she won our canteen award as her accuracy at post allowed me to try a couple of different combos in the attack end. Defensively, the girls were great. Between Ava, Renee, Maia, Carla and Jada all the girls did the work up the court and made it look easy in the circle. After a few weeks in and out with injury, it was great to see Emily Jennings back to her best. It was the absolute best game she has played all season. Hands over everything, tips with the outside hand which she chased down every time. Defensive rebounds and a few intercepts to add to that and Em got herself our BOC. Ava Jennings was our other winner in defensive. Always a competitor. Tallangatta next week girls, so work hard for Gina and hopefully we get the result on the scoreboard.

18’s & Under

Another good contest this week against Thurgoona. With a few changes throughout the game it gave us the opportunity to see what needs to be worked on with a different line up. Stella shooting by the girls with Eb Vardy taking out an award for her consistency throughout the day. Best on went to Kaiden you listened to instructions on what was required and dominated the WD position and unfortunately had to come off with an injury. Lucky last award went the Claire who just week in week out puts in 110% effort in mid court running her guts out. Well done girls we learn each week what works and doesn’t work and we can only improve on that as the season comes to an end with final hopes looming. Well done girls. #proudcoach

C Grade

We were looking forward to playing against Thurgoona, known for being a tough competitor, as we have been working hard at training. Unfortunately, we had 3 key players out but lucky to have 4 of our amazing 18's netballers come up to play. We were struggled to get any momentum in the first quarter and Thurgoona were able to get a good lead on us. Our last half was looking better with better passages of play and our defensive end working hard to create many turnovers, but we just couldn't convert most of them. Awards went to Sarah Harry and Shynae Kennedy for their defensive pressure. Shout out to our 18's Bethany White, Sophie Jefferson, Claire Gilmore and a super special shout out to Stephanie Lassey who made a big impact in GK in the last half of the game.

B Grade

Unfortunately not the result we were hoping for today. Thurgoona came out firing, however despite the score Saints kept their heads up and kept fighting till the end. Best on award went to Wendy Ball who played an outstanding game in both WD and WA with strong attacking and defensive work. Second award went to Hannah Gilmore, who really stepped up her game and showed her speed and strength in our mid court. Third award went to Jackie Cohen, who always gives 150% in defence.

A Grade

Well we were all nervous coming into today’s game as we know we were going to have to work hard today. And that showed in the first quarter. Passing wasn’t on point and it was easy for Thurgoona to gain turnovers.

We played catch up in the second quarter but could retain the momentum to continue through the game. But it was our first game back pre covid and we all will get to training next week and work on our pre game warm up so we go into that game focused. We welcomed Tilly back to the court this week and she toughed out the first quarter and put some beautiful feeds into the girls and should be super proud of herself. Its going to take a few weeks for her to regain her match fitness but shes a fighter and keeps on pushing herself. Best on court this week went to Keely who had plenty of hands on the balls with her matrix moves. Our defence end worked super hard and was a very physical and fast game down their end. Our shooters once getting the ball in there shot really well and super proud of them. Best on court this week went to Keely and second best on went to Taylor who we gave her a break out of GK and moved into WA.. She now appreciates our attacking midcourt a little more – Love Taylor.. Well done girls back to training, back to working on our game fitness.

Senior Match Report

After a couple of weeks break thanks to covid we finally got our chance to pull the boots back on.

An unfortunate work incident saw that up-and-coming star Bailey St John will miss a few weeks. We still were able to field a strong side.

We started the game off well and our effort and pressure were second to none which resulted in a very tight opening quarter.

In the second quarter Thurgoona’ s class was on display and while They were hitting their targets unfortunately our skills errors where costing us big time.

In the second half we brought our attack on the ball up a notch and battled hard and evened the clearances up.

Once again, our skill errors cost us resulting into many turn overs in our defensive end.

Mitchell Horner played his best game of the season with an impressive best on performance, Blayke St John is starting to find more consistent form and was easily one of the better players on the ground for us.

Jake Pleming keeps getting better every week and Jesse Anderson-Clarke continued his impressive run of form. While the Coach Zachery Pleming done his best to lift his team and battled hard all day.

Not the result we wanted but our effort and attack is there and hopefully we can clean up our skills and get that win soon.

Goals Joel Montgomery 2, Darren Keene 1, Justin Cooksey 1

Best Players: Mitchell Horner, Jake Pleming, Jesse Anderson-Clarke, Blayke St John, Zachery Pleming and Timothy Allan.

Reserves vs Thurgoona

While it was great to be back on the field after a few weeks we found ourselves playing our home game away as the O+M draw had changed.

Thurgoona came to the rescue and allowed us to have our home game at their ground and went above and beyond to assist us in running the day, what a fantastic club and great bunch of guys.

We came out really strong for the first 10 minutes and looked very competitive, but it didn't take long for the depth and skill of a very well-oiled machine in Thurgoona to change into second gear.

Nozz was everywhere and was tagged very early, Caddy showed his leadership skills across the ground and why he is so valuable and VB racked up the possessions.

Young Bazz led up tirelessly with no reward as our forward entries missed time and time again.

Hanlin showed height means nothing when he was matched up against their ruck in the goal square and was inspirational in his sacrifice for the team.

Jibba and Dools worked hard all over the ground but we just couldn’t get the score on the board.

A very one-sided scoreboard at the end of the day did not allow us to see a lot of the good work we did put in throughout the day.

Goals: L. Verbaan-Fletcher 2, G. Cadman

Best Players: A. Nowak, D. Hanlin, G. Cadman, R. Doolan, L. Verbaan-Fletcher, J. Broadley


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