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Round 11 Match Reports


On a frosty 3-degree morning with 7 players available to play, our midgets were ready to continue their weekly improvement taking on Chiltern. It was great to see much improvement in our footwork with less stepping this week and another strong defensive game. The girls enjoyed the challenge of playing new positions. Emma showed her versatility in goal defence gaining many intercepts. Tilly and Ajla both had strong games in the mid court but also combined beautifully in Goal shooter and Goal attack in what could be a glimpse into the future! Ivy absolutely took on the challenge of Goalkeeper not letting her opponents height stop her. Charlize enjoyed the change out in Wing Attack also! Amity and Kaitlyn improve every week in the mid court and gained some valuable intercepts for us. Despite the cold all the midgets came off smiling after a fun game. Awards: Ivy and Ajla

Under 13’s

It was a freezing start to the game, but the girls powered through the cold to play the best they could. Chiltern has a strong defensive end which shut down our attackers which led to our first quarter loss, causing some concern. With the top two teams we knew it would be a tough fight, and for most of the game it was goal for goal right up to the end. The girls finally won out with a score of 23:22 our way. Best on court with an Effie’s Take Away voucher was Charlee Bradsworth-Kerr for her tenacious job in defence. Second with a canteen voucher was Zoe McFarland who is adaptable, reliable and does what is asked of her.

Under 15’s

Just to start with Emily Jennings who was taken away in an ambulance on Saturday. Em suffered a dislocation to her left knee in the last 2 minutes of our game. Medics were able to pop in back in for her under the euphoric pain numbing drug known as the Green Whistle. Em was taken to Wodonga hospital where she was given an X-ray which showed up that she had a slight fracture in her kneecap. She will spend a little time in a leg brace and with the help of a physio, will hopefully be on a speedy road to recovery. We all wish her the best. We were able to tightly contest in the first half of the game but then it seemed like we took our foot off the pedal. Defence was really good as always. Ava, Emily, Renee and Maia were able to delay the fast feeds and put a lot of pressure on our front. Between Renee and Maia, the ball came out of the defensive end very smoothly. Holly, Lily and Sav were solid down the other end but at times looked a little disconnected. Jada and Carla in the mid court gave us a lot of speed. The girls won a lot of ball trying to keep us close but at the end of the day, we were outplayed. We have a couple of tough weeks coming up so hopefully all girls can get to training and kick it up a gear. BOC went to Em who had an absolute blinder, followed by Maia and Renee. The girls never gave up.

Under 18’s

A strong team this week resulted in a fantastic solid win from the girls. We had teamwork and strong defence all through the court causing plenty of turn overs. Amazing defence and height from Emily Morey who took out best on court again with a solid game. Our captain Bethany White took out the next award for her encouragement for the team and talking the play down the court. Third went to Charlotte Lee who showed confidence and skill with her holds in shooting. Well done Team what an amazing effort from all. It was so hard this week to pick awards.

C Grade

This win was an all-round team effort and everybody did their part. This is one very proud coach! We welcome Kat into our team this week who slipped right into our defensive side with ease. Defensive pressure was strong, feeds were on point and movements were precise. The positive energy was radiant, and everyone pushed each other right to the finals whistle. Best on court went to Bec, who played one of the best games I've seen her play with her movement and goals being right on point. Urban Graze award goes to Emily, who is very consistent in her game and this week her leadership shone through keeping the team pushing through with being a strong voice on court. A special mention needs to be given to Adrianne and Sarah who both played near perfect games in GS and GD. Again, this win was a team effort, and we would not have gotten this win with everyone giving 100% as they did.

B Grade

We started strong and kept our intensity up. Unfortunately, frustration and a few errors crept into our game allowing Chiltern to get ahead. Our mid court and goalies worked tirelessly and without hesitation more. Defensively the girls battled hard all game. Best on went to Wendy Ball who has transitioned from defence to attack beautifully, feeding our goalies with precision. Second award went to Amy Baker, who stepped up her intensity in WD causing numerous turnovers and gaining many intercepts.

A Grade

Well we hit the court a little slow in the first quarter and worked really hard in the second quarter and pegged them back to one. The girls were tired by the third quarter so fitness is something we are lacking to finish off all four quarters. Super proud of the girls though as we do have a few new faces this year and few old girls nearly ready for retirement (me that’s me ). But we will hit hard at training this week and try and finish off the season in to form. Best on Court went to Taylor Morey who is usually the shortest in the circle but she worked hard all game and took some beautiful intercepts and works beautifully with our young defenders. Our circle worked well this weekend and we took our time getting the ball in which helped. Second went to Rach Hansford who moves beautifully in the circle and always reoffers.


Yesterday was a mixed bag of emotions for our playing group. The pride of playing with their esteemed coach Troy in his last match, combined with passion for the game we love and on the flip side disappointment of another loss. The reality was that we knew it would be a tough month with injury and playing top sides.

Chiltern came out of the blocks, but all we asked was that the boys maintain pressure for 4 quarters.

Our 1 and only goal came courtesy of a 3 way Vennix goal (4 if you count Luke Kelly as a Vennix!)

VB played a vital role in pushing the ball forward at all costs, whilst Brett did everything and anything he was asked.

Little Jake Campbell was a pest to the opposition all day and was like a Barking Dog at their heels.

And finally, Troy Vennix was amongst everything. Smothers, marks and at the bottom of packs. He lead from the front and did not quit till the final siren. We are proud to call you our teammate and coach.

Best Players: VB, Jake Campbell, Brett Easton, Andrew Walsh, Luke Kelly and Zac Mac.

Goals: Jack Vennix


After a poor game last week against Yack we asked the boys to show some effort and heart.

They did not disappoint or let us down, the scoreboard did not reflect the effort and pressure being applied around the ground.

The first quarter saw them kick 5 goals but 3 out of the 5 where directly from poor skill errors at the wrong time in the wrong place.

The second was much of the same with half their scores coming from directly from turnovers in our defensive half.

Once again, our third quarter was our best. Where sides normally struggle to get going again, we have shown better effort and more aggression around the stoppages.

The fourth quarter was again good no one rolled over and gave up which is very pleasing. With us resting up the old fossil Craig Jarvis on his return from a serious back injury and putting the big Mont on ice for next week Zack and I watched on and took note of some changes we need to make.

Tom Rowney played his best game for the club with a best on ground performance, Jake Pleming keeps getting better and better taken on one of the best players in league and winning. Darren Keene, Leigh Marshall and Luke Hawkins battled all day continuously putting their body on the line. Harry Witt is starting to make the wing his own keeping his width and gives us an option coming out of defence.

We look ahead to next week where we are hoping to get a couple more players back from the injury list and look at getting that elusive first Win.

Best Players: Tom Rowney; Jake Pleming; Darren Keene; L Marshall; Luke Hawkins; Harry Witt

Goals: Zack Pleming

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