The Blazing Stump Hotel has just undergone a comprehensive renovation which has seen the iconic pub of the Wodonga region become a leading venue for hospitality.

The hotel has seen many renovations and updates since it was founded in 1880 but it has now been taken to a new level with great facilities and a wonderful atmosphere. Boasting a 400 seat bistro, spacious sports bar with full TAB, beer garden, 100 seat outdoor dining deck, kids play centre, drive thru bottle shop, Drive Thru Pizza, function room with private bar and Kids Play Centre,  the Blazing Stump Hotel can offer you the complete dining and entertainment experience. It has to be seen to be believed!!

Address: 4315 Anzac Parade, Wodonga VIC 3690

Website: www.blazingstumphotel.com.au

Phone:  (02) 6024 2041

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