2017 WSFNC Presentation Night

The Wodonga Saints Football and Netball Club held their Presentation Night on 14th October 2017 at The Commercial Club Albury.

The night saw Wodonga Saints legend Robert White awarded the Lifetime Achievement award.

It was fair to say that it was great evening enjoyed by all and was also a great way to finish the year off.



Saint of the Year (Dawson Haulage) Darren Shepherdson
100 Club Games – Gina Skinner
100 Club Games – Danielle Tymensen
150 Club Games – Craig Jarvis
U18’s Best & Fairest Winner – Jaylah Daunt
U18’s Best & Fairest Runner’s Up – Emily Ayton & U18’s Coach Gina Skinner
Reserves (L – R) Most Consistent – Peter Mackinven (not pictured), Coaches Award – Dylan Hanlin, Most Determined – Rick Fortington, Best & Fairest Runner’s Up – Matt Turvey, Best & Fairest Winner – Gavin Cadman, Best & Fairest Winner – Jonathon Campbell
The U18’s Team of 2017 (L-R) Charlotte Cummings, Taya Davey, Lily Besic, Diaz Willis, Olivia Jefferson, Coach Gina Skinner, Emily Ayton, Jaide Brussein, Jaylah Daunt & Alicia Anderson
C Grade Team of 2017 (L – R) Kylie Fortington, Emily Williamson, Best & Fairest Runner’s Up – Lisa Holley, Best & Fairest Winner – Rebecca Barry, Best & Fairest Runner’s Up – Caitie Webb, Coaches Award – Sinead Coleiro, Jessica Clark, Coach Cherie Anderson
Club Lifetime Achievement Award – Robert White
A Grade Team of 2017 (L – R) Wendy Kolisnyk, Coach Sarah Potter, Jess McAliece, Georgia Ross, Kristal Slade, Danielle Tymensen, Rachel Hansford & Gina Skinner
A Grade Coach Sarah Potter, Coaches Award – Georgia Ross, Best & Fairest Runner’s Up – Kristal Slade, Best & Fairest Winner – Danielle Tymensen
A Grade Best & Fairest Runner’s Up – Kristal Slade, Best & Fairest Winner – Danielle Tymensen
The wonderful Trainers of 2017 
Seniors Coaches Award – Bart Hanrahan and Most Determined – Zack Pleming
Seniors (L – R) Best & Fairest Runner’s Up – Joel Broadley, Best & Fairest Winner – Simon McLeish, Coaches Award – Bart Hanrahan, Most Determined – Zack Pleming & Most Consistent – Cameron Gilchrist
B Grade Team of 2017 (L – R) Sarah Potter, Rom Feltwell, Best & Fairest Winner – Wendy Kolisnyk, Coaches Award – Allison Ross, Gina Skinner, Chloe Graeber, Best & Fairest Runner’s Up – Cherie Anderson, Team Manager Rebekah Vennix
Seniors Coach Troy Vennix
President Dale Skinner with Robert White who received the Club Lifetime Achievement Award
Seniors Best & Fairest Runner’s Up Joel Broadley
Seniors Best & Fairest Winner Simon McLeish
Adam Hawkins, Robert White & Julie Hawkins
Craig Jarvis & Kristy


Anne Marie Barry, son Ethan & Adrian Barry