A message from our Senior Football Coach

As we all know, a lack of success of the last decade has left a lot of people wondering when we will really start to grow.

Three years ago a plan was put into place that I believe has been the vital change that our club needed, and we focused on a steady build with one step at a time.

Coming into what will be my 3rd year as senior coach I am here to say that I truly believe this year is and will be the year to get behind our boys and see how far we have come.

I am not promising a flag, finals or an amount of wins, but I am asking that this year, all our supporters, past, present and future, come down and see how far we have come and get behind what I believe to be, a family club that everyone wants to be a part of.

As many would know we have already retained our playing list over the last 2 years (not previously done). Also we have now re-signed the same list for a further 2 years and added many recruits again this year, all signing for 2 years as well. This means a depth this club has not had for many years and a commitment to stay and make our club a success.

Our recruits this year have come from many clubs and I wanted to share with our members some of the guys we have added to date this year already:

Nic Wood (Lavington)

Josh Fagan (Wodonga Bulldogs)

James Berto (Raiders)

Hayden Hamilton (Jindera)

Corey Rochow (Beechworth)

Ben Hall (Beechworth)

Haydn Cook (Beechworth)

Jase Tylee (One of our own back)

Brendan Smith (Beechworth)

There are still others to name in the near future, but even to name these so far is huge for our club and will help us to make this an unforgettable season when we look back in years to come, as this is the group, combined with the guys who have stuck it out that WILL have everyone wanting to come and support this great club and keep us a successful club in the future.

Come down and have a beer in our rooms if you haven’t already and watch training in comfort, or even check out “happy hour” on a Friday night, but regardless, get around our guys, come round one and see for yourselves how far we have come and what the future has for the Wodonga Saints!!



Troy Vennix

Senior Coach